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The base service establishes the SPR system configuration and initializes the firewall. It also configures performance tuning parameters for managing irq balancing.

The main configuration variables are found in config/base/

Firewall Configuration

The firewall uses NFTable rulesets defined in base/scripts/

The forwarding and input policies are default drop.

The following ports can be exposed to WAN by enabling UPSTREAM_SERVICES_ENABLE in configs/base/

  • sshd (tcp 22),
  • api (port 80 or 443 with SSL),
  • iperf3 (tcp 5201)
  • wireguard (udp 51280)

OR by updating them in the UI under the Firewall settings.

On LAN the following services are available:

  • DHCP tied to the authenticated MAC address over WiFi or all wired LAN devices
  • DNS for devices in the dns_access group
  • 1900, 5353 multicast repeater to all devices for SSDP and MDNS
  • The API (port 80, 443)
  • SSH (tcp port 22)

Routing to devices on the LAN or to WAN only happens for authenticated, approved MAC addresses.

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