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VPN Overview

SPR support multiple modes of VPN connections:

  • connect from the internet to your home network
  • connect to another network using a vpn tunnel

VPN Client

Example: Connect to your home network when traveling.

spr vpn client

This is useful if you always want to have the same setup (adblock, firewall rules) from your phone or laptop, or want to be able to access your home network when traveling.

Add a peer

See the Virtual Setup Guide on how to add a vpn peer.

Note: If you link the created pubkey to an already configured device it will use the same IP address.

Site-to-Site VPN

A site-to-site VPN can be used to link two networks together. Example: another spr instance, cloud network.

spr vpn server

Setup site-to-site VPN

See the PLUS Site VPN Configruation

PFW support

More advanced rules can be setup using the "Forward to Site VPN" action in PFW. Example:

  • Only for specific devices
  • Run at a specific time during the day, only on weekdays