A Secure Network Does Not Have To Be 🚀🧑‍🔬 Rocket Science

Supernetworks makes Fast, Secure, and Feature-Packed Open-Source Routers

⚠️ Why Put Up With Weak Security?

  • Password Sharing Inherently Insecure

    Sharing wireless passwords means devices can snoop traffic and modify packets. When recycling or selling an old device, does a device reset really remove the wifi password correctly? Who has time to redo all of their existing device setups?

  • Insecure IoT Devices Increase Risk

    Many IoT devices are hackable, never get security updates, and may not respect your home privacy. Cloud connectivity means an attack on the IoT company can lead to access to your network without your knowledge

  • Limited Network Isolation

    Why should your vacuum be able talk to your doorbell? Inadequate network isolation makes breaches worse.

  • Other Routers Come With Security Holes 🧀

    Common routers and even enterprise routers have legacy code and poor software security practices. Attackers have been targetting home routers as entrypoints for cyber attacks leading to CISA and the FBI calling on manufacturers to improve security

  • Cloud Companies Collect Too Much Data 🚫☁️

    Your home network is yours, and your personal data does not have to be constantly beamed out and away. Firewall off continuous data collection

Home Network Security Risks

Homes are more connected than ever

Build Your Network With SPR

Lightning-Fast WiFi Speeds

Experience true WiFi 6 speeds with SPR.

  • ⚡ 80MHz channels see real speeds above 700 Mbps
  • ⚡ 160MHz channels see real speeds above 1 Gbps

Load balancing ensures your network can handle heavy traffic while supporting a fully featured firewall.


Build A Secure Network By Default

With The Best WiFi Security

One Password Per Device

WPA3, WPA2 supported. Unlimited devices. Users can sync passwords for iCloud Keychain password sharing.

True Device Isolation

Each device is on its own VLAN and subnetwork. Admins manage the network with intuitive policies and groups rather than tracking VLANs, IPs, and MAC addresses.

Secure Code

Secure, open-source software built from the ground up using Golang and React.

DNS Security

DNS over HTTPS by default, DNS Rebinding Protection, DNS Logs, and support for Malware Blocklists.

Self-Hosted, Privacy Preserving, and Feature Rich

Unlike other products that rely on the cloud for advanced features, we bring them all to you, on-device.

DNS-based Ad Blocking

Block ads and trackers at the network level for all your devices.

Built-in WireGuard VPN

Secure your connections with native WireGuard VPN support.

Advanced Firewall & Routing

Take control of your network with sophisticated firewall rules and routing options.

Traffic Monitoring & Statistics

Gain insights into your network usage with real-time monitoring and statistics.

Customizable Alerts

Stay informed about important network events with a customizable alert system.


Expand SPR's capabilities with plugins for Tailscale, Wireshark, and more.

PLUS Subscription Service

SPR is free for personal use, PLUS offers extended features & lets you back the development of SPR. Use it to unlock advanced firewall and networking features with our PLUS subscription:

Domain-Name Based Firewall Rules

Create sophisticated firewall rules based on domain names for granular control.

Scheduled Firewall Policies

Automatically apply firewall rules and policies on a schedule for effortless management.

Mesh Support

Extend your network coverage with seamless support for SPR Mesh devices.

Product Store


  • Upgrade your PI5 with a powerful WiFi card
  • Dual-band, dual-channel WiFi card & antenna bundle add-on

PI5 Pod

PI5 Router Pod
  • PI5 HAT bundled with PI5 router, active cooler
  • Coming Soon: Custom enclosure
  • Dual-band, dual-channel WiFi card
  • Extend with USB3

CM4 Capsule

  • Perfect for managing IoT devices and extending your WiFi network
  • Coming Soon: Custom enclosure
  • Dual-band, dual-channel WiFi card
  • Upgradable hardware with swappable CM4 and mini PCIe card

ClearFog Router Kit

ClearFog Router Kit
  • 10 Gbps SFP+ port
  • 1 dedicated Ethernet port
  • 5-port Gb Ethernet switch
  • Dual-band, dual-channel WiFi card
  • Custom steel enclosure

PI4 Development Kit

PI4 Router Kit
  • Single-channel USB WiFi 6-e support
  • Can be extended with USB3
  • Coming soon: Long-range 802.11ah HaLow support

How to Use SPR

Running the Software

We offer hardware for running SPR and it can run on a wide variety of linux systems that support Docker.

Check out: the setup guide. SPR is open source and can run in Docker containers as a cloud-only VPN or as a WiFi router. Prebuilt containers are available for ARM64 and AMD64. OS Images are available for Raspberry Pi and ClearFog.

VPN Only Quick Setup

This will download the SPR repository and run virtual_install.sh. The script will install dependencies, start all the containers and add one peer that can connect to the VPN. See the virtual setup guide.

sudo bash -c "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.github.com/spr-networks/super/master/virtual_install.sh)"
Using prebuilt containers and Running as a Host Router & Firewall ⚠️ This willmanage the system network and conflicts with network manager, see the setup guide for details
# Running as a Host Router & Firewall
git clone https://github.com/spr-networks/super
cd super
docker-compose pull
docker-compose up -d
Building from scratch
./build_docker_compose.sh --load
docker-compose up -d

For performance and to minimize wear on SD cards, the build uses a memory-backed filesystem. On memory-limited devices, this can cause build failures if memory is exhausted. In this case, you can provide the build argument --set "*.args.USE_TMPFS=false".

Use Cases

Home Router

  • Run WiFi with peace of mind, knowing devices are securely firewalled
  • DNS Based Ad & Malware Blocklists
  • Access your network remotely over the Wireguard VPN
  • Isolate your work equipment from your personal devices
  • Mesh support for PLUS users

Home Lab

  • Deploy Docker projects alongside your router
  • Built-in container firewall support so that new containers don't have default access to all of your devices
  • Connect your router to cloud VPNs and other infrastructure
  • Upgradable, extendable hardware

Run as a Self Hosted Cloud VPN

  • VPN for your mobile devices while you're on the go
  • DNS Based Ad & Malware Blocklists
  • Split-tunnel site VPN support for PLUS users

Software Security Testing

  • Redirect device traffic when devices join the SPR network
  • View DNS Logs and override domain traffic
  • DNAT to transparently redirect IP traffic
  • Plugins with support for Wireshark, Proxies like MITMProxy, and other security testing tools

Customizable and programmable

Go beyond the GUI. All functions and features of SPR are accessible via an API, allowing power users to not only programmatically define how the network connects, but pull detailed information about devices on the network.

Tools for hackers, penetration testers, and other explorers. SPR makes controlling and monitoring data flows on the network easier — making research into the functionality of devices and software on your network less cumbersome.

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