secure programmable routers

Open Source, user friendly & fast WiFi routers for your home - with focus on security

Out of the box, SPR ensures:

  • Unique passwords - Never worry about your wifi password again
  • Firewalled devices - Does your doorbell really need to talk to your printer?
  • Blocked ads, metrics & malware - Keep your friends & family safe

If you're missing a feature, the code is customizeable & open source

Secure from the moment you turn on SPR

Keeping other devices secure means ensuring we don’t become a way into your network. That’s why we’ve built it on top of golang, a memory safe language that isn’t subject to many of the vulnerabilities that continuously plagues many wifi routers which are almost exclusively written in C, PHP, or Perl.

SPR is self-hosted and open source.. Your data is not stored on our servers, we do not collect telemetry data, error reports, or any other data that could expose your information to us or anyone else. With SPR, your router is truly your router.

We believe in transparency and empowering users to develop on their own network. The code is easy to build with containers and can even be built on-device. Care is taken to use memory safe languages and dependencies with good security track records. Users can also extend SPR with plugins.

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A Secure Network shouldn't be rocket science

SPR comes with a beautiful and intuitive graphic user interface that allows you to monitor your network and deploy powerful finely tailored security features with ease.

DNS ad blocking, VPN support, firewall rules, device isolation, and many other security features can be deployed with just a few clicks.

With policy rules you can manage your network with intuitive groups rather than IP and MAC address tables. SPR supports advanced capabilities like policy based routing and site VPNs to network together all your devices.

Don’t compromise on performance

SPR is built for speed and can be deployed on even the most advanced networking hardware on the market today, including hardware that supports Wi-Fi 6.

Customizable and programmable

Go beyond the GUI. All functions and features of SPR are accessible via an API, allowing power users to not only programmatically define how the network connects, but pull detailed information about devices on your network.

Open source and easy to develop for — securely. SPR uses containerized services to allow for rapid development, simple deployment of new features, and hot swapping of core network services, such as DNS and DHCP.

Tools for hackers, penetration testers, and other explorers. SPR makes controlling and monitoring data flows on your network easier — making research into the functionality of devices and software on your network less cumbersome.

WiFi Router + DNS + VPN Server

SPR is built to run as a WiFi router managing the host network, but it can also run in a network namespace as a virtualized standalone VPN & DNS Service, locally or in the cloud.

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