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DNS Block Lists & Settings

Block lists

Manage Existing Blocklists:

Next to each blocklist, click the three dots open a menu for additional actions you can take, such as:

  • Enable: Turn on a blocklist
  • Disable: To turn off the blocklist without deleting it.
  • Delete: To remove the blocklist entirely.


Block Lists Tags

It is also possible to apply a Tag to a blocklist. With tags set, the block list will only apply to devices that also have one of the tags assigned. Other devices are not affected by the block list

DNS Overrides

Permit Override

Permit overrides can be used to allow domains that are otherwise in a blocklist. The rule can be device specific, by assigning a Client IP, or it can be global.

The rule can also have an expiration assigned for the rule to expire.

Lastly, the permit rule can have an IP address to override a DNS response with an IP address


Block Override

A block override can also be used to create a rule to block a domain. The Result IP is ignored for a block rule.


The DNS Settings can be used to set Client IPs or Domains to keep out of the DNS Logs



The DNS Log View can be used to inspect dns requests. Use the buttons on the right to quickly add a permit or deny override rule.