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Link Management

Set DHCP settings or assign a Static IP

Enable a Wireless Uplink

Enable Wired LAN Interface

Enable VLAN Trunk Port

SPR experimentally supports multiple uplink interfaces. It will load balance new connections across them based on addresses. No additional setup is required beyond enabling multiple uplinks.

It is possibly to configure DHCP settings for an uplink interface.


In the uplink view, click Configure Wireless uplink-setip

And then fill out your settings uplink-wifi-set

Enable Wired LAN Interface

Currently SPR only supports one Wired LAN interface. An upcoming release will support multiple links.

Adding a USB Ethernet on a PI

The UE 300 has been tested to run near line speed on the Pi (950Mbps). The U3 330 also works and provides additional USB 3.0 ports.

To enable it, click the ellipse and save link-downlink-enable

Enable VLAN Trunk Port

SPR has basic support for the downlink interface being a VLAN Trunk Port. This requires a managed switch. Refer to your switch manual for how to configure the VLAN assignment with 802.1Q.


Next, edit your device that is connected to the managed port and set the VLAN ID corresponding to that port. link-downlink-set-vlan