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Installing Extensions

Plugins are a mechanism to integrate additional containers running on the same device with SPR's API and UI. Many of the built-in containers are deployed as plugins, and third party plugins are fully supported.

Note: we plan to streamline plugin installation in a future release.

Community Plugins

See the curated plugin list

Plugin Installation

A plugin can be enabled by navigating to the Plugins page and selecting Add Plugin.


Name: this is the plugin name

URI: This is used when the plugin extends the SPR API with additional API calls.

  • Ex: specifying nexmon means that the API calls the plugin adds will be reachable under http://spr/plugins/nexmon

UNIX Path: This is the API's path to the unix socket the plugin provides

  • Ex: /state/plugins/nexmon/socket

ComposeFilePath: This is the relative path to the docker compose path, so SPR auto-starts the plugin

  • Ex: plugins/spr-nexmon/docker-compose.yml
  • Note Currently configs/base/custom_compose_paths.json also needs to be updated to allow this path.

Auto-starting a plugin

For now, a strict whitelist is used to determine which compose file paths to run. To add your plugin to the whitelist, update:


  • Example
    ["plugins/spr-nexmon/docker-compose.yml", "plugins/test/docker-compose.yml.yml"]