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Logs and Events


Logs are available under System -> Logs. this is a UI of stdout for the containers & kernel logs.


Logs can also be found on the spr host by running docker compose logs in the super directory.



In addition to API logs, evetns include device actions ando ther activity. Examples: when a device connects, a dns lookup is made or traffic is routed. See the sprbus service for more information about available events.


NOTE: Notifications are deprecated and have been replaced by Alerts which support notifications.

Notifications can be set for certain events. Example: a device connects to a specific IP address.

notification-list See the nft: -prefix events from sprbus documentation for more information.

Enable notifications


Navigate to Events -> Notifications click Add Notification.

Select prefix (direction of traffic), protocol and address information. If the notification is enabled, when triggered, a popup will appear in the ui (or notification on iOS app).

Using the cli tools

View main logs for spr containers with docker compose logs -f in super directory.

Packet logs

Retrieve JSON packet logs with

docker exec -it superpacket_logs /stream-json-logs


The sprbus tool can be used to view logs and events. Either run it locally or connect with an API token.

You can generate an API token in the UI under "Auth-> Add Auth Token"

./sprbus --addr