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WiFi Settings

SPR Compability

Device isolation today requires a card with AP/VLAN support. This is presented under the Intefaces tab under wireless settings.



The SSID name can be set by navigating to WiFi ⇨ Radio Settings and typing in the new SSID. After hitting enter or leaving the field, it will update and restart with the new SSID.


Channel Configuration


You can also run a scan with an unused radio to try to determine available channels wifi-scan

Enabling WiFi 6

SPR will detect if WiFi 6 is supported. If so, select the WiFi 6 button and hit save. This will configure the AP settings to support WiFi 6 protocol settings.

Legacy WPA1 Support

Unfortunately, some older devices do not support WPA2 or WPA3. If your card supports it, SPR can enable a secondary SSID with WPA1. It should have a different SSID name than the main SSID.


Tuning Capabilities

There are various capabilities available for 802.11 HT , 802.11AC (VHT), and 802.11AX (HE). SPR will auto-detect and assign these capabilities with the "Update All" button. They can also be selectively modified.

If you need additional options, please file an issue


If the wifi fails to start, try the following:

  1. Hit Reset Config
  2. Hit Enable HostAP
  3. Re-configure your SSID name and channel settings and hit save